Curvy Art

Curvy Color Designs ™ started with line drawings, graduated to colored pencils, then colored markers, and then watercolors.  Why Curvy Color?  Because my vision is to create art and design that celebrates the body in all its shapes and sizes.  We all experience needless anxiety and depression around our physical form, and we rarely celebrate its extraordinary and spectacular existence.

Curvy Color Designs™ is all about that celebration, in the figures I choose to draw, how they move, and the mixture of colors I use when painting.  I’ve recently expanded this vision to include apparel, with an emphasis on fabric decoration, but the possibilities are endless.  In times of great distress, we turn to art, to beauty, as a way to move forward and overcome our fear.

Choosing to bring beauty into your life, in any fashion, is a celebration of life and Curvy Color Designs™ wants to celebrate with you!